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So… it’s been over two years since I last blogged. Now I’m back in yet another attempt to bring some live in this blog. After all, I’ve been paying for the domain for close to 8 years, without really using it – quiet the waste of money if you ask me! So here I am, back again in a new look, a different language, but still the same name.

And now to really start again, I’ll kick off with something easy: my Top 2000 list for the annual event on the Dutch Radio 2. As of this year, the amount of songs people could vote for has been extended to a total of 35 songs. Below you’ll find the list of the 35 songs I voted for this year, along with a playlist for Spotify. All of them are in random order, and as always I realised afterwards there are still so many songs and artists I also wanted to have in my list (The Who, Elton John, etc.) and that even 35 songs is far from enough to make a representative list of my favourite tunes. Continue reading “Top 2000 (2016)”